Philosophy and Directives
Education Philosophy provides quality education through transparent dealings to encourages the sprit of adventure & confidence in youth in addition of improving knowledge, skill & attitude and produces creative teachers, who have a vision to change the traditional roles, from commander to coach, manager to mentor, from a director to the one who delegates and from one who demands respect to one who facilitates self respect.

Thus B.Ed & D.El.Ed Education prepare such teachers who are not only confident & competent but have the fortitude to stride forward even when hopes are dashed & thwarted without stress.

The youth is most precious resource on Earth. Under the ideology - Big Dream; Bigger Missions and nothing is impossible are envitable. The vision is to mould the youth, in that ideology - to help build strongest India through quality education.

The Mission
1. To link the academics with the institutions so as to bridge the gap between theoretical aspects and their practical application (Theoretical lessons coupled with live practical example) and to use it for the development & growth of the nation.
2. There are many problems in life, leaders are born as a resulted chaff. The mission is to defeat the challenges of all problems & succeed, by inculcating the spirit of earative leadership and organizing personality development session.
3. To learn the nature and help in knowledgeable society by motivating student faculty team to sponsor rural development programme.
4. To familarise with the trains in Job Oriented programmes to enhance employment potential.
5. To acquire, Analyze, Research & integrate all aspect of knowledge as practice by rural institutions both in rural & urban India.

The Objectives
1. To develop appropriate environment for learning & training.
2. To organize personality enhancement programmes.
3. To undertake the faculty development programmes
4. To encourage the spirit of adventure & confidence in the students, locked by indometable spirit.
5. To interest with the renowned educational institutions for practical training.
6. To undertake respect & consultancy programmes

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